MacDonald Thompson Shea Photo

Ron MacDonald

From the Arctic circle and coast to coast to coast, Ron MacDonald has played through much of North America. His experience, love of music and positive attitude comes through clearly as he anchors the trio with his upright expertise.

Tiffany Thompson

Tiffany Thompson is a versatile singer who has performed professionally for over twenty years. Although versed in many genres, the deep rich tone of her voice is especially suited to jazz and complements MacDonald and Shea delightfully.

Jamie Shea

Jamie Shea studied jazz at Mohawk College and has been performing professionally for more than twenty years. Jamie has been influenced by jazz guitarists like Ed Bickert and Sonny Greenwich. Shea doesn't feel the need to fill up the musical landscape with notes that don't belong. He likes to let them breathe so they can be savored like a good wine.